Outside the Lines – Pop-Up Digital Studio!

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So instead of watching the library staff do really fun things with our pop-up digital studio and equipment, like playing pac-man on a computer using a hand drawn controller (If you come play with us on Saturday during our Open Tech House we’ll show you how *Shameless Plug*)



We thought you might like to see something that our kids did!  During Berthoud Spring Break for 2014, the library put on its very own mini-camp called Camp Green Screen.  For one week, middle-school aged kiddos hung out with us cool librarians, and together we wrote a screenplay, learned the basics of filming, photography, made a soundtrack and put together a mini film: “Verpiter”!

The kids had an absolute blast, as did the staff, and I think that we all learned quite a bit.  I think one of the main things our kids took away was the power of teamwork.  Without teamwork, there was no continuity, things were stressful and it wasn’t as much fun, but when everyone was working together in areas that they enjoyed (one girl didn’t want to be on screen at all, but she loved the idea of being behind the camera and helping with costumes), another student stayed after filming every single day to work on an original piece he created using Garageband (featured during the credits).

We as staff also learned a lot of important things too – I think the big thing we realized during this filming process was that you can’t cut corners.  It’s not enough to have the green screen up; you have to make sure the wrinkles are gone and that you have proper lighting.  You have to be willing to improvise whenever the need arises (one staff member ended up donning a full green screen suit and acting out a part with a stuffed elephant).

But most importantly, I think we all learned to just relax and have fun, and take notes and we’ll be back next year to give you another great film by our Camp Green Screen!

We know we already posted this right after it was finished, but we would really like to revisit it and just highlight all of the fun things we were able to do and the time we got to spend with our younger library users.  So, without further ago, we present: “VERPITER”!:

Also! As an extra bonus, for our itty bitty kiddies we made a special video highlighting the adventures of the stuffed animal sleepover we hosted over spring break! (Toy Story, anyone?)


Outside the Lines – Captain Underpants!

Outside the Lines at the Library BannerWe love Captain Underpants, and we love being silly, so we thought that we invite you to be silly with us use this really cool website to get your Captain Underpants Name!

AND, since we love our patrons so very much, if you come the library and tell us your Captain Underpants Name, we’ll give you a prize!

Here is Captain Underpants wearing his prize:

Captain Underpants Name no verbage



Outside the Lines – Pop-Up digital Studio!

Outside the Lines at the Library Banner

Did you get a good laugh at our music video yesterday? Want to make your own? Want a library staff member to walk you through using our equipment? You’re in luck!

If you didn’t already know, the library has a green screen, professional lights, a video camera, a stop-action camera (and software), and video and sound editing equipment available to you during library hours! Whenever you want, basically!  All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll have it all set up in a private room for you!  We can also provide you with recording equipment and several instruments for you to make your own soundtrack (and yes, kazoos are on that list)!

And don’t worry, library staff is always ready to help you if you can’t figure something out.  (Usually, she’ll break out the chocolate too, so bonus sugar all around!)

This Saturday, as a special treat, we will be setting up all of the green screen equipment from 10-3, so if you have a free moment, stop by to get a demo of the nifty things you can do at your local library!

Take a look at these photos from our Camp Green Screen 2014 (which will be happening again next year, hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink.) 


SAM_0939 SAM_0284

SAM_0945SAM_0282SAM_0256SAM_0274 SAM_0275


The kids had a blast, we had a blast, and we hope you consider stopping by to try out our fun equipment this Saturday from 10-3!



Outside the Lines – Read a Book!

Outside the Lines at the Library Banner

Today for Outside the Lines we wanted to show you our special music video!

Julian Smith has an incredibly awesome music video called “Reading a Book” – check it out here. We have loved this video from the day we saw it, and really wanted to make our own special version.

Outside the Lines was a perfect opportunity to do this, because not only do you get to laugh at library staff while we show off our uber-nerdy moves, but we also get a chance to show you all the fun things you can do with the free resources available at Berthoud Community Library!

This music video was created with library equipment, by library staff and this equipment is available to you for free whenever you want to stop by the library and use it!  Not sure how to use it? Then given us a call and a library staff member will work with you one-on-one and train you! Pretty cool, right?


So, without futher ado, “Reading a Book” Berthoud Library Style:



Stem Stuff

It’s Doctor Scientific back with more fun facts about our seasons! Today, we look at: SPRING

  • Spring is the first season of the year
  • During spring, our hemisphere begins to warm significantly causing new plant growth to “spring forth”, hence the name!
  • Sporadic weather changes can happen more frequently in spring because of the warm air coming from the lower altitudes the same time that cold air is still coming from the polar regions. Flooding is also most common near the mountains because of the snow melting at a quicker rate caused by warm rains.
  • Tornado Alley is most active this time of year.  The rocky mountains stop hot and cold air spreading and instead they conflict causing tornado weather.
  • Recently, timing of seasons has started to change, a phenomenon called “season creep” which means that a lot of the signs of spring we usually observe are starting to happen earlier, like flowers budding on trees in late winter.
  • This is a time of growth and renewal and is used to signify the start to new life and better times.


Many cultures celebrate spring in a special way.  Take a look at a few of the celebrations below and plan a  spring celebration with your family and friends! Have a mini celebration when it’s cold and hard to remember the warmth of spring.

~ Water festival - This is a New Year’s celebration in Southeast Asia. Westerners call this festival the “Water Festival” because water is either splashed or poured at one another and all old things are thrown away.  This is meant to symbolize a cleansing to welcome the new year.  It is also a sign of blessing and good wishes.

*Take a family trip to the recreation center and have a water fight in the swimming pool.  Afterwards go home and find a way to declutter your space – donate old items that you don’t use that someone else could.  Write a blessing and good wish card to a neighbor.  Even though it’s not the new year for a while, you can still celebrate new changes and beginnings!

~Qingming festival - This is also known as Tomb Sweeping Day or Ching Ming, Chinese Memorial Day and Ancestors’ Day.  It is a traditional Chinese festival observed on the first day of the fifth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar, making it the 15th day after the Spring Equinox (the 4th or 5th of April). The name mean “Pure Brightness Festival” and it is a time for people to go outside and enjoy spring, but also as a time to honor and tend to family graves. Some people like to eat qing tuan, or green dumplings made with glutinous rice and barley grass.

*Look up a recipe for Qing tuan and learn to make it with your family.  Then, while eating the dumplings, take a special moment to talk about your loved ones that have passed.  What are your favorite memories? Look at family pictures together and spend an evening eating a special dinner with just your family member.  Cherish each person and tell them a special thing you like about them.*

~Homowo festival – This is a festival celebrated by the people of Ghana.  It starts in May with the planting of crops before the rainy season, and a thirty-day ban on drumming is put into effect. During the festival they perform a special dance called Kplanlogo, and this festival is celebrated to remember the famine that once happened during precolonial Ghana.  The word homowo means to “hoot at hunger” because the famine inspired the Ga people to embark on better food production exercises, which in the end produces a bumper harvest.

*Plan a big breakfast with family.  Take your time setting the table and the dishes and putting everything out so it looks nice. This will give you time to feel hunger and to experience a small portion of what it means to go without food. Before eating, take a moment to go around the table and have each person thank each other for the preparation and to say which part of the breakfast they are looking most forward to.  As you eat, consider what it might be like to go a meal without food at all, or even a day or week.  Imagine a famine where you only had a few bites of food a day to live off of.  This is a time to be grateful!

~ GAIA Chamber Music Festival – This festival was founded by the violinist Gwendolyn Masin and has been described as one of the most important festivals in Switzerland.  It is hosted in Thun, usually in the month of May. Each year, artists from all over the world spend a week together in Thun and working on music together. Word-renowned performers and teachers coach young instrumentalists.

*Take a family trip to a concert in your area.  Ask to talk to some of the musicians after the show.  Ask them how long it took to learn the pieces and how often they have to practice.  Ask them how long they have been playing the instrument of their choice.  Sometimes, musicians will let you try to play their instrument.  If not, ask a local music teacher to give you a family lesson.

~ Iga Ueno Ninja Festa - This festival is a five-week ninja-themed even in Iga which is in Japan.  It goes from the 1st of April to the 6th of May and thousands of ninja fans travel to Iga for the ninja-inspired performances, competitions and chances to practice their ninja skills.  During the festival passengers on the Iga train lines dress up as ninja and are given free rides.  The mayor of Iga and the city council even dress up for the Ninja Congress!

*Be a ninja for a day! Have your family sit in various places in the house blindfolded.  Then, practice your ninja-skills and try to walk as quietly as you can past them.  Whoever can walk through each room unnoticed wins!  Take turns playing reflex games, like Red Hands, (play nicely!) to see who has the fastest ninja-like skills. Set a coin in the center of the table, and set two opponents on either side.  See who can grab the coin the fastest.



Sir Digit Izer and the Champion Word of the Week: Doodlesack

Sir Digit Izer

“I, Sir Digit Izer, of the Library of Berthoud, herby proclaim “Doodlesack” as your champion word of the week:

*To be spoken in a very proper, High English, accent* British dialect refering to a bagpipe.  The word originated in 1840s from Germany: Dudel = bag + Sac = sac.

“I, Sir Digit Izer, leave you with this video of the greatest doodlesack player known to man!:

Ask a LiBRAINian: Happy “Eat an Extra Dessert Day”!


Best. Holiday. Ever! While the origins are not known, we think that this might possible be one of the best holidays ever to be created…like…ever!

For this holiday we decided to really make you hate us and show you some of the most expensive desserts!

1. 24-carat Popsicle: $1,000

Let’s start off with something simple

While this may seem like a simple popsicle, the ingredients are what make it really special: 24-carat gold flakes and Tequilas Premium Clase Azul Ultra, which alone costs around $1600.00!

2. Chocolate Pudding: $34,440


Marc Guibert, the head chef at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in Windermere, Cumbria created this pudding masterpiece, using four different types of the best Belgian chocolate flavored with peach, orange and whiskey, oh, and gold, champagne caviar and a 2-carat diamond.

3. The Absurdity Sundae: $60,000

Calling all ice-cream lovers!


This dessert is not just a dessert you get to eat sitting in a cafe.  No, this dessert is meant to be enjoyed at the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro where the Founder of Three Twin’s Ice Cream – and creator of this dessert delight – will hand churn your ice cream using the ice from the mountain.  Your first class ticket to Tanzania, a five-star hotel, tour guide and t-shirt are all included in the price.

4. Strawberries Arnaud: 1.4 Million

Craving something a little lighter? Try this on for size.


What’s more delicious than a bowl of strawberries in cream?  How about a bowl of strawberries soaked in port, red wine, spices and citrus, finished off with Brocato’s French vanilla ice cream, and then topped with a 4.7-carat pink diamond ring that once belonged to Sir Ernest Cassel, an English royal finance advisor, while white gloved servers poured the finest port wine out of a $25,000 Charles X crystal cave set?  Sounds luxurious to me!

 5. Valentine Diamond Chocoalte Cake: $5 Million

You know what they say: Go big or go home…or bankrupt…either way.


A jeweler in Tokyo designed this continent shaped cake to express his love for Africa, but since that clearly didn’t cut it for him, he decided to include a cluster of 2,000 diamonds on the cake.  That should do it!

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to stuff our faces with some good ol’ fashioned, affordable dessert!